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Posset Pieces

A regular booklet on local history from the Gordano Region of Somerset. Can be bought here on-line, by post, at Society meetings, or from Careys, 17 High Street, or the Ship Inn, Portishead.

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Editions 21 to 26:

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How to buy on-line >>

No 21: Summer 2017

Naish House and its Estate at Clapton in Gordano

100 pages Size: 176 x 250 mm  (6.9 x 9.8 in)

Edited by Sandy Tebbutt

Price £8.95  

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  1. Timeline
  2. Maps and aerial views
  3. The Kemeys sisters
  4. Walter King and the Coker and Codrington families
  5. James Gordon
  6. James Adam Gordon and the Kenn hangings
  7. The statue of King John
  8. John Bunce Pilgrim
  9. The Smyth years
  10. Captain Thomas Spencer and his school for boys
  11. The Naish Hill climb
  12. Mr Hubert Chitty and family
  13. The Bussell family at Naish House 1962-1966 – Michael Bussell
  14. The history of Naish farm
  15. Little Naish and the walled garden


A.  Collections for a Parochial history of Wraxall  – George Masters

B.  Summary of census returns – David Hounsell

C.  Excerpt from “Gordano, A history of the Gordano region of

     Somerset” – Eve Wigan

D.  The Ashton Court estate years

E.  Listing details

F.  Residential properties at Naish in 2017

G.  The Gordon farmhouses

Posset Pieces No 21

Posset Pieces No 21


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No 22: Autumn 2018 – Special colour edition

World War One

169 pages ‘perfect bound’ Size: 176 x 250 mm  (6.9 x 9.8 in)

Edited by Sandy Tebbutt

Price £15 plus post & packing which is added automatically

at checkout


Chapter 1: The men who died

Chapter 2: Men who died with local connections

Chapter 3: Gordano villages' casualties

Chapter 4: Refugees from Belgium

Chapter 5: The effect of WW1 on local children

Chapter 6: Gordano people during WW1

Chapter 7: Portishead under fire

Chapter 8: Portishead Red Cross hospitals

Chapter 9: The Asiatic Petroleum Company & Portishead Docks

Chapter 10: The Gallipoli hut

Chapter 11: The National Nautical School, Nore Road

Chapter 12: Conscientious objectors

Chapter 13: Lieutenant George Sainton Kaye Butterworth

Chapter 14: Miss Eve Wigan

Chapter 15: The scarcity of food

Chapter 16: Prisoners of war

Chapter 17: Men who returned from the war

Chapter 18: The aftermath of war

Chapter 19: Then local lady bell-ringers

Chapter 20: The war memorial

Map 1: The homes of the men who died

Appendix 1: Absentee voters’ list

Appendix 2: List of local men who enlisted before conscription

Appendix 3: National Registration Act of 1915

Appendix 4: Poem by Capt. EL Thomas

Appendix 5: Conscientious Objectors

Posset Pieces No 22


plus p&p

Posset Pieces No 22
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Please note: The first print run of this edition omitted a page listing the local men who died in the war. If you have the book and the list is missing you may download it here or obtain a copy at meetings or by contacting Martin. The book has now been reprinted and all now include this list and a revised map.

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No 23: Winter 2019

More People, More Places!      

104 pages ‘perfect bound’ Size 176 x 250 mm  (6.9 x 9.8 in)

Edited by Sandy Tebbutt

Price £10.50 plus post & packing which is added automatically at checkout



Chapter 1. Bill Hawkins from an article written many years ago.

Chapter 2. Bird Tree Cottage by Sandy Tebbutt

Chapter 3. Boarding houses and apartments in Portishead

Chapter 4. Adelaide Terrace, Woodhill Road

Chapter 5. Lady Caroline Boyle of Adelaide Terrace  

Chapter 6. Dr. Lionel Weatherly of Adelaide Terrace

Chapter 7. Dr. Richard Cresswell of Adelaide Terrace by Nigel Coombes

Chapter 8. The cottage home on West Hill

Chapter 9. Nore House, Nore Road

Chapter 10. Dolores Silk

Chapter 11. Frederick Alexander Palmer – Sandy Tebbutt and Michael Thayer

Chapter 12. My early years by Patrick Warren

Chapter 13. The development of Portishead 1945-2015  by Andrew Youngs

Chapter 14. Unrest at the local elections in 1888

Chapter 15. Selina Price's story

Chapter 16. Miss Elizabeth Baster

Chapter 17. The Cottage, West Hill, formerly called Bermuda Cottage

Chapter 18. The Long family and their bakery business by Jim Long and Sandy Tebbutt

Chapter 19. The Reverend Trevor White by his wife Zena

Chapter 20. The Tinkler family and St. Barnabas school

Chapter 21. Unusual happenings in Portishead in 1863

Chapter 22. Up before the beaks by Sandy Tebbutt

Chapter 23. The whale in the Severn estuary

Chapter 24. Mr. William Carey and the local building company by Jenny Sainsbury, his daughter

Chapter 25. Eldon Lodge Freemasonry by Peter Milsom

Posset Pieces No 23


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No 24: Winter 2021/22

Farms in and around Portishead

Sandy Tebbutt’s last publication, completed by Peter Milsom

96 pages ‘perfect bound’ Size 176 x 250 mm  (6.9 x 9.8 in)

Price £9.75 plus post & packing which is added automatically at checkout




Chapter 1    Court House Farm

Chapter 2    The Farm, 117 High Street

Chapter 3    Greenfield Farm, St Mary’s Road

Chapter 4    Tower Farm

Chapter 5    Black Nore Farm

Chapter 6    The Grange and Grange Farm

Chapter 7    The Small Farms of Portishead

Chapter 8    Clapton Farm & Brook Farm, Clapton

Chapter 9    Sperrings Farm, Clapton-in-Gordano

Chapter 10  Stratton Farm, Clapton-in-Gordano

Chapter 11  Caswell Farm, Clapton-in-Gordano

Chapter 12  Moorgate or Shipway Gate, Portbury

Chapter 13  Moor Farm, Portbury

Chapter 14  Sheepway/Shipway Farm, Portbury


                 Map of Portishead farms

                 Map of Clapton and Portbury farms

                 Appendix: Field names


Posset Pieces No 24


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No 25: Summer 2022

Walks in Gordano

Size 170 x 228 mm  (6.7 x 9 in)

Price £9 plus post & packing which is added automatically at checkout


This edition consists of 10 guides to walks in the Gordano area, in both town and countryside, varying from about one to five miles. Each walk has clear directions and fascinating historical information. They are illustrated with beautiful black & white drawings. and are folded to a size that will fit in your pocket. The publication comprises a folder with built-in pockets each one containing a walk. There is a separate editorial section. These walks are based on ones first published in 1987 but fully updated and tested.




Walk 1 – Old Posset

Walk 2 – Woodhill

Walk 3 – West Hill

Walk 4 – Portbury

Walk 5 – Portishead coast walk – Windmill Inn to Redcliffe Bay

Walk 6 – Portishead coast walk – Windmill Inn to Battery Point

Walk 7 – Weston-in-Gordano

Walk 8 – Clapton-in-Gordano

Walk 9 – Walton-in-Gordano

Walk 10 – Portishead High Street


Posset Pieces No 25


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Posset Pieces No 26


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No 26: Winter 2022/2023

BTS Formidable & the

National Nautical School

64 pages ‘perfect bound’ Size 176 x 250 mm  (6.9 x 9.8 in)

By Peter Milsom

The fascinating story of the training ship BTS Formidable which was moored off Portishead from 1869, and of its land-based replacement, the National Nautical School, which operated from 1906 until 1982.

Price £8.50 plus post & packing which is added automatically at checkout



Chapter 1   Prevention better than cure

Chapter 2   HMS Formidable

Chapter 3   Ready to go

Chapter 4   Christmas 1882 on board BTS Formidable

Chapter 5   Trouble ahead

Chapter 6   A new future

Chapter 7   Boys who were at the school

Chapter 8   Former Staff Members

Chapter 9   Changed realities

Chapter 10 Fedden Village

Chapter 11 In Memory


                Photograph acknowledgments


Posset Pieces No.26