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Portishead’s railways

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Details of Portishead Railways

Portishead to Bristol branch

WC&P Light Railway

The Bristol & Portishead Pier & Railway Company opened the single line branch to Portishead from Bristol (Ashton) on 18 April 1867. An extensive dockside system of sidings was developed to serve the various industries.

In 1955, the main Portishead station was demolished to make way for Portishead B Power Station and rebuilt where Waitrose petrol station now stands.

The line was closed to passengers on 7 September 1964 and to normal goods on 1 May 1967. Fortunately, the line was not taken up because it remained open for private freight from the docks until 1981.

The line from Bristol was reopened for freight in 2002 as far as Royal Portbury Docks and it is hoped that the whole line will be reopened for passenger use in 2026.

The Weston, Clevedon & Portishead Railway connected the three towns as a light railway, opening to Portishead on 7 August 1907 and closing on 18 May 1940.

The only access to the station for passengers and traffic, was through the archway of the White Lion pub, still visible today.

The WC&PR connected to the main branch at Portishead via a siding which was used to transfer goods to and from the main network.

A private siding led to the Mustad’s Nail Factory for incoming and outgoing goods. The factory, which survived until 1987, was alongside Wyndham Way where a DIY store now stands.

An interpretation board about the light railway stands opposite the White Lion (now Old Mill) on Wyndham Way, a third funded by the Society.

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