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Founded 1956

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Gordano Civic Society has erected a number of interpretation boards over the years. This page provides a summary. The Society has also erected various plaques and signage. These can be seen on the Projects page.                   Click any photo to enlarge.

Lorymer's Park

An interpretation board was erected as part of the Lorymer's Park project in February 2024.


Lorymer's Park interpretation board

Weston, Clevedon & Portishead Railway

Gordano Civic Society, in cooperation with WC&P Railway Group and Portishead in Bloom, jointly funded a new interpretation board about the old Weston, Clevedon and Portishead Light Railway. It was installed in June 2020 replacing an old one and stands on Wyndham Way opposite the Old Mill pub.

WC&P Railway interpretation board

Portishead Radio Station

A new interpretation board giving details of the famous maritime radio station was erected in January 2020. Nearby a section of a radio mast from the former Portishead Radio Station has been erected by North Somerset Council near the Leisure Centre.

Portishead Radio Station interpretation board

Portishead Marina

Three Interpretation Boards were installed in 2011 alongside Portishead Marina to give information about the industrial heritage of the former docks.

Portishead Marina interpretation boards

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Portishead Radio Station interpretation board WC&P Railway interpretation board Int board.jpg