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Founded 1956

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Civic Awards

2020 Civic Award

We were unable to make an award this year.

2019 Civic Award

At our December 2019 meeting, our annual civic award was given to Helen and Mick of Court House Farm, High Street, Portishead. The award recognises the major contribution to the built environment that Helen and Mick have made with their renovation and conservation work on the Grade Two* listed Court House Farm over the past six years. The extensive work has been carried out with respect and thoughtfulness to this ancient building which dates from the medieval period. They have also held various artisan markets and special events so that the public can enjoy the peaceful and beautiful surroundings of this historic farm house. The maple plaque was carved by Richard Lane of the Max Carey Woodworking Trust in the High Street.  Our thanks go to him for his generous gesture.

2018 Civic Award

The 2018 award has been made to the 'Portishead Pool Community Trust' (Portishead Lido) for their contribution to the local community. This has veered away from the Civic Award format, but in recognition of their sterling work over the past few years both in restoring the working building and facilitating this asset to the town, the Society's members voted to make the 2018 award to them. An engraved wooden plaque made by the Max Carey Woodturners Trust was presented to the team.

2017 Civic Award

The award was given to the RNLI building on the Channel shore on the northern edge of the Marina 'Fishing Village'. In 'replicating' the former terminus building of the GWR Pier Station (more latterly the Masonic Lodge), they managed to rebuild a lifeboat station both suited to their needs and able to enhance the site with its presence. The brick predominately used in the old building was matched in colour and many features of the old building were copied into the new. The architect was the Morgan Design Studios based in Blandford Forum, Dorset. The award took the form of an engraved wooden plaque that is situated in the RNLI retail shop outlet.  

2016 Civic Award

Our first award was given to Gordano Carpets for the 'infill' they contributed to the High Street on the site of the vacant space in front of the former public library. The architect was David Glyn Emery of Clapton in Gordano. The result blends in very well with the existing High Street facades in both design and use of materials.

Portishead Open Air Pool Portishead RNLI building Gordano Carpets

The Society’s Civic Award is made to a building(s) that in the opinion of the Society's members has made a significant contribution to the built environment within the Portishead and Gordano Valley area. The street scene is important to members of the community, as the environment within which we live and work contributes greatly to the well being of the community and individuals therein.

Sandy Tebutt, Paul Gardner - Chairman Town Council, Mike and  Helen, Mike Johnston